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How to Make Deep-Fried Apple Pies from Scratch

Really nice recipes. Every hour.


The comms crackled as Fisk opened his mic - “Deep fried apple pie at camp. Better get it before Khro gets here.”



Handmade Daggers 

Elven dagger by hellize

Got another dagger.
This one fits nice against my thigh. Makes it easier to hide it. Gonna set the first one against my back. Seen others do it. He mentioned something about Uldum. Shouldn’t be hard to find the boat.





He also mailed his fedora from Public Enemies to a kid who asked him for it. He promised he would, took down the kid’s address, and mailed it to him as soon as filming was over.

He also bought his horse from filming of Sleepy Hollow because he heard that it was going to be killed after filming.

He once recorded his voice asking a girl in a coma to wake up, because her doctor said it might help.

Say what you will about his recent movies or his mutually exclusive relationship with Tim Burton, You can’t say that Johnny Depp isn’t a quality human being.

He usually travels with his Captain Jack costume wherever he films because that way he can visit hospitals in the area in costume. He says it makes the kids happy and he gets to practice his improv skills at the same time.

Johnny Depp everybody

This man seriously. He is so perfect


The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies Wallpaper

"Khro? Yes… no. I— no! Shut up for a second! — NO! — Okay, yes. We are. Doesn— GODS FUCKING DAMNIT, SHUT UP! … Yes. Ore’s got a dragon problem."


Ships Deck 

Édouard Manet 

Reblog if you love butts.


I dooo..

Hodges. List of Prices of Items in Medieval England ▷


Useful! This isn’t academic, but it’s a good perspective.

To get on a soapbox for a second, I think most people significantly undervalue gold coins in-character. The amount of gold we have in our bags could probably buy the inn, let alone dinner and drinks.

For example, the Byzantine nomisma was worth over sixteen thousand bronze nummi

In the late Roman empire, one solidus was worth about seven thousand two-hundred nummus.

Only the elite used gold coinage. However, those are classical age ratios. It definitely changed over time, especially as more gold became available. But a haunch and some hooch aren’t gonna be costing you fifty gold’uns.

That being said: do what you want! I don’t give a fuck.


Useful. I’d really like to see silvers and coppers given more IC value. We tend to blow them off because of how easy gold is to get in-game. But realistically, if were the vendor on the other side of that counter, if you were that NPC - you would probably be making less than fifty gold a year. Just… ya. 

Use more silver!